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The Gauteng North Wrestling Association is affiliated with the South African Wrestling Federation (SASF). The SASF has been re-incorporated into organizations such as: SASCOC (SA Olympic Body), CALA (African Body) and UWW (United World Wrestling).

Wrestling provides opportunities and involvement for the whole family. Boys and girls participate in wrestling, while parents can get involved in aspects such as coaching, team management, administration, and refereeing.

Wrestling Age Groups

  • Beginners: 0/6 to 0/7 Year old

  • Schools Youth: U/8 to U/15

  • Presidents Schools

  • Presidents Juniors

  • Cadets: U/17 Years Old

  • Juniors: U/20 Years Old

  • Senior: 20 years and older

  • Masters: 35 to 60 years Old

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Wrestling Styles

Wrestling is competed in two wrestling styles namely, Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling. Only males participate in Greco-Roman wrestling from the age of 13.

One of the major differences between the two styles is that in Greco-Roman wrestling, a competitor cannot hold his opponent below the waist. He can use his torso and body to take down the opponent and cannot use his legs for defensive or attacking purposes. So, the emphasis is more on throws, balance manoeuvres and hand techniques.

In freestyle wrestling, which is also followed in the women’s division, a competitor can hold a rival below the waist and employ leg attacks.

The techniques and strategies in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling vary due to this basic difference and the scoring also varies in both styles.


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Benefits of Wrestling


Wrestling requires athletes to maintain strict discipline and self-control. It involves adhering to a demanding training schedule, following weight management protocols, and abiding by rules and regulations. This cultivates mental strength by teaching individuals how to resist impulses, stay focused, and maintain self-discipline in the face of challenges.


Wrestling is a physically and mentally demanding sport that pushes individuals to their limits. Athletes often face setbacks, such as losses, injuries, or challenging opponents. Through wrestling, individuals learn to persevere in the face of adversity, bounce back from defeats, and develop resilience by continuously striving to improve and overcome obstacles.

Mental Toughness

Wrestling competitions involve high-pressure situations where athletes must perform at their best. They must manage nerves, stay composed, and make quick decisions while under physical and mental stress. This develops mental toughness, the ability to perform under pressure, and handle stressful situations effectively, skills that extend beyond the wrestling mat.

Emotional Regulation

Wrestling provides an outlet for athletes to channel their emotions and manage stress. Engaging in physical activity and competition releases endorphins, which can enhance mood and reduce stress levels. Additionally, through wrestling, individuals learn to control their emotions, cope with frustration, manage anxiety, and maintain mental well-being, contributing to overall mental strength.

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